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The Truth About Attack Ads

In an effort to win a campaign without ever talking about his deplorable voting record my opponent has been circulating negative, deceitful, untrue, and mischaracterized ads all over newspaper, flyers, email, video, TV commercials, social media ads, and text. Here is the truth!

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Claim 1: I have been arrested TEN times, including for DWI/DUI.


Truth:  I have been arrested ONE time, for an unpaid dog catcher ticket. 

In 2012 I was sideswiped by a vehicle, when the police ran my DL, they found I had a warrant for a $50.00 unpaid dog catcher ticket. I was arrested, taken to jail, finger printed, mug shots taken, paid over one thousand dollars, and let go within hours.  

Back story on Odin: I had a Great Dane named Odin (sadly he passed away a few months ago), he was my running buddy. In 2009, we had just moved to a new neighborhood, and Odin got out of our yard while we were not home. A neighbor called animal control and Odin was picked up and taken to the animal shelter.  At the shelter I was given a citation and asked to pay money.  I paid, thinking I was paying the citation, but I wasn’t. The fee I was charged at the shelter was for having an animal registered in the city limits, not the citation.


We moved shortly after that incident, and I never received any correspondence from the city about an outstanding ticket.  I was shocked when I realized I was going to jail for an outstanding dog catcher ticket years later, but that is a whole other issue. 

Claim 2:  We owe 1.2 million dollars in taxes.  

Truth:  NO WAY

I want to provide some extra details because there are lots of people that struggle to pay their taxes, and while not ideal, it does happen.  Prior to 2010, we did owe taxes.  We got on a payment plan, and paid every dollar of taxes we owed with interest and penalties.  

HOWEVER, this current claim that we owe 1.2 million in taxes for our 2016 and 2017 business tax returns is completely FALSE.  Monica and I don’t make enough money to owe that much.  Below are official IRS documents received, dated Oct 31, 2022.  The error stemmed from the IRS expecting 2016 & 2017 1040 business returns; however, the IRS neglected to realize we closed the LLC and opened a corporation in 2015, and thereby filed an 1120 for our business rather than a 1040.  The joint liens had been $545,570 for 2016 & $407,386 for 2017; after IRS corrections, we currently are $8,417 & $7,173, respectively – an immediate reduction of over $937,000.  We are still working to clear this up, because we made the tax payment at the time, but unfortunately the IRS is a slow group.  

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Claim 3:  Was I sued for my removal?

Truth: YES, but my opponent forgot to mention a few details. 

The day the lawsuit was filed, the judge threw the lawsuit out, Judge Margaret Mirabal wrote “REMOVAL FROM OFFICE IS NOT JUSTIFIED, AS A MATTER OF LAW.” The person that filed the lawsuit, Nathan Kasper, was represented by Bud Wymore, current general counsel and former chairman for the Hays County Republican Party.  


This lawsuit was a political ploy to use for negative campaigning without mentioning the facts of the case, or that it was thrown out on arrival.

Claim 4: COVID-19 Testing (The stories behind testing are vague and weird, but I think they are trying to assert that the tests were not good.)

The testing controversy within the Hays County Commissioners Court in 2020, at the beginning of COVID19, was between Antigen Testing vs. PCR.  At the time, the Hays County Commissioners Court did not like the idea of Antigen Testing.  During commissioners court, Mark Jones and Walt Smith were adamant that testing was not needed in Hays County because they believed that COVID19 was a hoax, and would pass.  Sadly, the commissioners did not approve the purchase of the COVID19 antigen tests, and those tests were sold to the US Military.

Today, COVID19 Antigen tests are the gold standard for diagnosing COVID19.  Instead of admitting the commissioners made a mistake, they decided to make false allegations against me concerning doing business with a guy who was not even the person selling the COVID19 tests.  The Drs. who actually owned the business selling the COVID19 tests were never mentioned in the stories, despite the fact that they spoke at Hays County Commissioners Court several times.  One of the Drs. even worked for the National Institute of Health under Dr. Faucci.


Claim #5: My former chief of staff underreported sexual assault and violent crimes against women.

Underreporting of sexual misconduct violations and crimes against women on university campuses is a huge problem all over the nation. My former Chief of Staff Alex Villalobos did not manage data for sexual misconduct violations. The Title IX office of the Texas State University is in charge of reporting that data, and making it public to the community. 


It is so unfortunate that my opponent has used a very real problem and politicized for his own political personal gain, at the expense of all the women who are victims of sexual crimes.  


As of today, Alex Villalobos maintains an honorable Texas peace officer license with TCOL.

And the list goes on and on and on!
My opponent has to make up LIES about me since he can't run on his deplorable record.


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