Judge Becerra is a leader with strong ideals who works continuously to make a positive impact on the lives of Hays County residents.

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Criminal Justice Commission

Becerra created a criminal justice commission that brought together leaders in law enforcement from around the county to discuss opportunities for improvement throughout the criminal justice system. Businesses and families see the devastating effects of a broken system firsthand. The goal of this commission was to start a great conversation centered around reducing recidivism, promoting successful reintegration into society, and protecting constitutional rights.

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Mental Health Hospital Task Force

Judge Becerra believes mental health should be a primary focus. He established the Mental Health Hospital Task Force, which created the roadmap to bring a mental health hospital to Hays County with the goal of destigmatizing and addressing mental health issues. In December, he was able to get funding approved for a Needs Assessment to determine what services and the size of the wellness center needed in our county. This would support our healthcare system, our criminal justice system, economic development, and ultimately all residents in Hays County.


Public Defender's Office

With the creation of the Public Defender's Office, Becerra is focusing on safeguarding the rights of the accused and ensuring everyone has the right to counsel. Those who have been accused of victimless crimes could qualify for pretrial diversion programs, an easy place to start addressing overcrowding in our county's jail. $5 million have been allocated to the creation of a new Public Defenders Office. This program is well-supported, well-funded, and will be long-lasting.

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Small Business COVID-19 Task Force

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Becerra established the Small Business COVID-19 Task Force to support and ensure protection for small business owners who were greatly affected by our shutdown. Judge Becerra believes small businesses are the foundation of our country, this task force is of great significance because it protects local communities and promotes economic security in our county. As the Director of Emergency Management, he led the initiative to bring COVID-19 tests to Hays County at beginning of the public health crisis because he understands the importance of putting you and your families' health and safety first.


Council for the Indigenous & Tejano Community

Judge Becerra created the Council for the Indigenous and Tejano Community to ensure the stories of the underrepresented have an active voice in our community. The Council's mission is to relay, in public places, the multitude of under-told and untold stories of the Indigenous and Tejano People of Hays County, while also preserving the history, traditions, and rich culture of our community.


No-Kill Animal Shelter

Hays County is one step closer to a centralized, no-kill animal shelter. The shelter will be centrally located for better access to the residents of Northern Hays County. Our efforts have been tireless, and thanks to that effort, a regional study is underway. Judge Becerra created the Animal Advocacy Advisor and Community Liaison Position, and appointed Sherri Boyett to serve. This role has been instrumental in our efforts to reunite pets with their owners, shelter those in need, and find new homes for animals that are lost.