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Compare + Contrast

Private Prisons 
Judge Becerra: HELL NO.  |  Mark Jones: Yes.

The Hays County Commissioners Court voted to give a private for-profit prison $17,520,000 of hard earned tax payer dollars. Mark Jones advocated for this and voted yes -- I voted HELL NO!

Instead of following through with promised reforms to reduce our unnecessarily enormous jail population – Cite & Divert, as well as a Public Defender Office, for example that I have relentlessly championed and advocated for – Mark Jones and fellow commissioner's opted in August to sign a $17-million contract with LaSalle Corrections, a for-profit incarceration company, to hold mostly pre-trial detainees nearly 5 hours away in Haskell County. While my competitor acknowledged the moral wrongness of his decision, but excused it as a cheaper option, I took the principled stand & voted HELL NO!

Lying in Court
Mark Jones does it!

On August 30th Mark Jones and Walt Smith presented an agenda item to give their campaign donors, CP&Y, a $2.5 million contract. They lied and misrepresented Travis County Commissioners’ support in order to get the votes from the Hays County Court. Travis County Commissioners Court was so upset about this dishonest behavior that two weeks later they took the issue up for discussion in their court, and agreed to send a signed letter to Hays County letting us know they opposed the project and setting the record straight. Two weeks later, Mark Jones resorted to lying AGAIN and denied ever making the comment- here is the footage.

Mark Jones doesn't support Texas State Bobcats or the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Due to COVID-19, the Hays County Commissioner's Court had leftover Community Outreach budget to which each member could give to an organization of their choosing. While Judge Becerra chose to give his budget to the HSI Celebration at Texas State University, Mark Jones voted no after being intimated by  Republicans who were upset since the program was sponsored by the Department of Gender Studies. 

You deserve a County Judge who puts people over politics and protects are minority, LGBTQIA+,

and student communities. 


Mark Jones thinks he can tell women what to do
with their own bodies. 

My opponent, Mark Jones, is rabidly opposed to Women's Rights, with regards to reproductive healthcare. Just a dozen years ago, Jones staked his identity around his role in founding an institution that tricks & shames pregnant women, Central Texas Life Care.

My opponent has run an entire campaign running nasty attack ads against my family and I. It's a ploy to distract from the fact that he's done nothing for us after twelve years in office. 

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