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Hays County Judge



Judge Becerra is committed to creating a strong relationship with his community and ensuring a transparent government. He believes this is the key to create and maintain trust with the residents of Hays County.


Judge Becerra's accomplishments show what he has achieved in his first-term in office as the Hays County Judge. Everything achieved directly stems from his values that are rooted in serving his fellow community members.


Judge Becerra's top priority is to advance ambitious initiatives that improve the lives of all residents in Hays County. His office has taken bold, thoughtful action to improve emergency response, modernize our criminal justice system, and bring transparency, accountability, and efficiency to our government.


Judge Becerra's number one priority is your health and well-being. He wants to ensure that he creates a government for everyone. He will not stand idly by - he will fight like hell for you.

A Note from Ruben

"My life has been immensely altered since taking office. The responsibility has changed me. I now look for the gifts in the dark spaces. There is a lesson in every moment."

- Judge Ruben Becerra



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"You said you would fight like hell for us and you did! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!"

Hays County Resident

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